Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Explain Everything

Today we were using Explain Everything to share this weeks spelling prefix. Here is Hero's Explain Everything video.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Spoken Word Poetry

This week we have started looking at Spoken Word Poetry and have had a go at writing poems that share a message with the audience.
First we watched this video for inspiration, then we had a go at writing our own poems. 

Here is Elsie's first verse of her poem. 

Some deserts used to be forests of trees,
Now I know that is hard to believe.
Buildings on forests is a colossal construction,
But that may cause quite a lot of destruction.

Book Week - Author Visit #2

Today we had our second author visit of book week. Joanna Grochowicz is a New Zealand Author who has written two books set in Antartica. Her books are called Into the White and Amundsen's Way, these books are about the race to the be the first person to reach the South Pole. Joanna talked to us about the journey the two men went on in an effort to be the first person to reach the South Pole. We learnt that the crew on Ronald Amundsen's boat thought they were going to the North Pole as Ronald Amundsen didn't want anyone knowing he was going to race Captain Scott to the South Pole. 

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Book Week - Author Visit #1

Today we had a visit from children's author Sally Sutton. Sally talked to us about how to develop an interesting plot for our stories by adding a problem. Sally suggested that if we every get stuck for a problem there are three that work really well - lost, stuck and late. Sally also read a chapter from her latest Miniwings book, this book is not being released until next month, we were very lucky to hear it. 

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Personification Poetry

This term we are learning everything we can about poetry in preparation for our Poetry Slam at the end of the term. This week we learnt how to use Personification in our poetry. Personification is when you give something that is non-human a human characteristic. 
Here is Izzy's first personification poem about Lightning.

Electric warrior
Pounding fists bang on my roof until the power will go 
Screaming shouting howls and barks, 
Frightening strikes of electric light hit the ground then give a fright, 
Tremendous roars of screaming cries,
No one dares to go outside, 

Until nothing is left but power lines that wobble and jiggle all night long.

Image result for lightning

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Room 10 News

Week 3 Term 2 
By Room 10 Reporter: Milo

In room 10 we have been Writing Kowhai’s diary he has been to Pt Chev beach, Coyle park, Walker road and many other places. I wonder where he went today? We describe the places where he goes
and then we self access our writing, here are the self assess steps
1. Read the first success criteria
2. Look for evidence to show you did this success criteria
3. Look at self assessment helper
4. Put my self assessment by the success criteria
5. Decide on your next learning goal
And then we work on that goal next time we write.
Our sound in Spelling this week is sc, when the c is silent. There is also there a new thing in race to 30. Now we have race to 30 buddies they check our race to 30 and mark it.
Last week we started Taekwondo. We have learnt how to punch and kick. We start of with a game, then we do punching and kicking. We have all enjoyed it. It's really fun.

This week we got to have a tennis lesson, it was a bit hard but it is really fun. First we saw if our team mate could catch the ball, then we did real tennis.

This week with Jude we have been making our own Woman in Gold, it is a famous painting by the artist Gustav Klimt. It is very hard drawing, the lines we need to draw are tiny, but it's fun.

Thursday, 14 March 2019


We have been incredibly lucky with the warm sunny weather this week. Our swimming skills are progressing each day, over the last week we have all improved our swimming strokes and breathing technique. We have 6 more lessons with the Hilton Brown instructors and we are excited to see how much more we can improve in this time.